The New Tesla Roadster

November 29, 2017
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Tesla has just announced their new version of the Roadster, the very first vehicle that they originally manufactured that demonstrated that an electric vehicle could be faster and more fun than petrol equivalent.

They discontinued manufacturing the Roadster 6 or 7 years ago, but they have been quietly redeveloping the car and they announced it to the world as an afterthought during the recent Tesla truck reveal and absolutely stunned everybody.

The new Tesla Roadster is simply the fastest production car ever manufactured, period. It has a massive battery that will take the car 650 miles or 900 km, and it has seating for four and a normal spartan but very functional modern interior similar to every other Tesla.

However it is the performance that shocks. The base model Tesla Roadster will accelerate from 0 to 100 km/hr in 1.9 seconds. This absolutely demolishes every other Supercar on the planet, including the two-million-dollar Bugatti Veyron. The new Tesla Roadster is Tesla’s Halo car, and it is designed purely to slap down every petrol driven supercar car on the planet and tell everyone that the future is electric and not petrol.

The specifications have come as a shock to all vehicle manufacturers, and Tesla has done a great job of keeping these specs secret. In One Fell Swoop Tesla has signal to the world that they are the unparalleled leader of the electric vehicle market and in fact the vehicle market in terms of bringing new technology into play.

The Roadster’s top speed is over 400 km per hour, but it is the massive acceleration that will capture the attention of all the Supercar lovers. The car is priced at around $200,000 US, and the expectation is that this will generate a 50% gross margin for Tesla, but already Tesla has nearly 1000 orders for the car including the $200,000 upfront deposit. The nightmare all the Supercar manufacturers is that in 2019 or 20 there will be videos all over the Internet of their cars being trashed in a Drag Race.

One very interesting aspect of the new car is the massive increase of range over the existing Tesla cars, which implies that there is some new generation battery technology that is a lot more compact and efficient that they are using. This is very ominous news for the rest of the automobile manufacturing industry.

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